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    Rajasthan Kapda avam Saree Vyavsay Sangh
  Jaipur Zari Saree Sangh
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                             Zari is gold, and zardozi embroidery is the glitteringly ornate, heavily encrusted gold thread work practiced in Jaipur and a few other cities of India. Either real silver thread, gold-plated thread or an imitation which has a copper base gilded with gold or silver color is used for zari.
                            Traditionally made for Mughal and Rajput nobility, it has now been officially adopted as bridal wear by anyone who can afford it. The days of using real gold and silver thread are now history. What now you get, however, is synthetic or ‘tested’ zari embroidery. Zardozi, a more elaborate version of zari, involves the use of gold threads, spangles, beads, seed pearls, wire, gota and kinari.Zardozi work makes a garment quite heavy.